Hole Analysis

Hole 1

359 metres – Par 4 (index 2/23)
The key to this reasonably challenging par 4 is in keeping your tee shot to the right of the fairway, staying short of the creek and leaving yourself a clear open shot to the green which slopes severely from back to front.

Hole 2

389 Metres – Par 4 (index 4/19)
This par 4 requires a tee shot right of centre in order to avoid the trees on the left. Approach the green with a fairway wood or long iron, keeping to the left for an uphill putt.

Hole 3

337 Metres – Par 4 (Index 7/22)
A tee shot to 150 out is all that is needed to stay on the flat spot of this steep sloping fairway, which will leave you with a severe uphill shot requiring a club extra.

Hole 4

177 Metres – Par 3 (index 8/32)
While alternative tee placement adds some length to this recently reconstructed par 3, club selection is all important in order to carry the front bunkers. Aim to the right side of the green in order to avoid the bunkers protecting its left side.

Hole 5

364 Metres – Par 4 (index 6/21)
Tee shot is all important on this dog leg right, with out of bounds on the left and a watery grave for any wayward shot to the right. Shot to green can play deceptive as it is not only protected by front bunkers, it is also elevated.

Hole 6

151 Metres – Par 3 (index 9/33)
Pin placement plays an all important role in the difficulty of this mid range par 3, which plays to an elevated two tier green.

Hole 7

282 Metres – Par 4 (index 17/35)
A straight forward driving hole leaving a short shot into the green. Ensure that you keep your approach shot favouring the left hand side or severe right hand slope comes into play.

Hole 8

185 Metres – Par 3 (index 1/31)
A lengthy par 3 needing an elevated tee shot to take trees on left side out of play.

Hole 9

372 Metres – Par 4 (index 11/30)
Straight away par 4 requiring tee shot stays to the left as fairway slopes to the right. This should leave you an open clear shot to a small but flat green.

Hole 10

415 Metres – Par 5 (index 14/29)
Dog leg left. Tee shot is all important on this reachable par 5 in order to align second shot into this small tight green. A well placed second shot brings your short game into play with the chance of a birdie becoming a real possibility.

Hole 11

272 Metres – Par 4 (index 15/24)
A straight forward drive with an uphill approach shot. This green is protected by two front side bunkers and it is advisable to rely on half a club more in order to avoid entrapment.

Hole 12

325 Metres – Par 4 (index 10/26)
A tee shot favouring left hand side takes out of bounds on right out of play leaving an open shot to a two tiered green with bunkers left and right. Second shot is all important due to this intimidating sloping two tier green. It is important to try to place approach shot on tier that pin has been positioned.

Hole 13

417 Metres – Par 5 (index 13/25)
This par 5 requires a tee shot left of centre to avoid sloping fairway that will see your ball in rough and trees on the right. Longer hitters have the opportunity go for the green in two while mid range hitters should concentrate on positioning second shot short of bunkers protecting this newly constructed picturesque green. For a safe approach pitch in.

Hole 14

157 Metres – Par 3 (index 3/28)
Straight forward par 3 to a generous green that offers results for a well struck mid iron. Bunkers come into play for the wayward golfer.

Hole 15

220 Metres – Par 4 (index 18/36)
This is an easy short par 4 which offers birdie opportunity for any calibre of golfer.

Hole 16

530 Metres – Par 5 (index 12/27)
Drive is favourable mid centre to right hand side of fairway, taking large tree out of play for your second shot. If achieved this will leave you with a safe pitch shot to a flat unremarkable green.

Hole 17

142 Metres – Par 3 (index 16/34)
Tee shot required on this hole is a centre green shot, as tree on left side of green and bunker on right side will come into play if you are not able to work the ball.

Hole 18

328 Metres – Par 4 (index 5/20)
This testing par 4 with an uphill tee shot leaves a blind second shot to a small green rear guarded by a large bunker. A mishit green will leave a difficult recovery shot requiring a well placed chip shot to save the hole.
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